Total Distributed as of 7/13/2024
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Lbs. Distributed
Cat Food10,461 Lbs.
 200 Lbs.
Dog Food57,989 Lbs.
Other5,392 Lbs.
 Total Distributed: 74,042 Lbs.
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Welcome to Provisions Through Christ!

Thank you for visiting Provisions Through Christ, Inc.!  

Provisions Through Christ, Inc. pet food pantry is  501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization with the mission of helping feed pets that are at risk of being re-homed or shelter placed due to economic circumstance or financial disadvantage, primarily in the Houston area.  Our intention is to provide pet food assistance on a temporary basis, rather than long-term/on-going support.

Our ultimate goal is to intervene before a family pet is re-homed or placed in a shelter placed due to financial strain resulting in limited or obsolete funds available for pet food. We would be considered the “middle man”. We've made it our job to find pet food/pet supply donors and allocate those needed provisions. We are also invested in supplying temporary provisions to shelters and rescue facilities in need.

It affects us emotionally to hear of pets separated from their family or even another pet. We grieve for the family AND the cat(s) and/or dog(s) that undoubtedly grieve(s) as well. Especially, the children of such families who have no control whatsoever. In a perfect world, no animal would be homeless or reside in a shelter.  However, reality being what it is, we are willing to dedicate our time and effort (not to mention, money!) to helping people keep the pets that are loved if the cause for relocation is lack of or low funds.

As a 501(c)(3) approved nonprofit, we would be happy to offer you or your business a tax-deductible receipt when donations are received.  Additionally, if you are a pet affiliated business AND you presently “dump” your soon-to- expire or damaged food bags/cans, PLEASE contact us. Even if it’s a one time donation of one small bag of food or one tiny can…we would be grateful. Not to mention those who receive the end result of your donation. We would be privileged to let the receiver know of who has helped them (you!) unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

Of course, Provisions Through Christ, Inc. welcomes personal donations whether it is a can of food or a gift card or check.  

Even if you decide you can’t or are unable to donate, please say a prayer for Provisions Through Christ, Inc., that God guides our endeavor, we find donations, and He leads us to people who need help. 

Thank you so much for your consideration,

Allison Walla


Provisions Through Christ, Inc.

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