Total Distributed as of 6/19/2024
Food Type
Lbs. Distributed
Cat Food10,461 Lbs.
 200 Lbs.
Dog Food57,989 Lbs.
Other5,392 Lbs.
 Total Distributed: 74,042 Lbs.
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Drop Sites

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The majority of our “collection” time is spent driving around the city of Houston, Harris county, and the surrounding areas graciously retrieving kibble from pet related facilities and residential doorsteps. The collection of pet food is made SO much easier when businesses agree to become a “drop site” for Provisions Through Christ, Inc.

A donation site is nothing more than an approx. 2 ft. x 3 ft. container with our organization name, purpose, and request for un-opened kibble, canned food, litter, etc. donation.

Ask yourself what you have to lose. Can you even imagine a customer or business associate saying, “Hmm...they are helping the less fortunate. I won't be shopping/doing business here anymore.” No. At worst, they will see you as charitable and compassionate and you will be unaffected from a profit standpoint. At best, your business will benefit by increased loyalty DUE to your charitability and compassion. Take a look around...The pet industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. People today are willing to school their pets, groom on a consistent basis, take their pets to daily daycare (fees surpassing some car payments), and so much more. There are vacation designed to accommodate people who want to include their pets, hotels, cruise lines, EVEN RESTRAUNTS!

Bottom line: These people may frequent your establishment on a daily basis. Again, what do you have to lose? We provide the container. we retrieve the food. You do nothing, but allow us to place our container on your property. Inside? Outside? You're the boss.

Click on the contact link at left and select "Become a Donation Site" in the "I Want to:" drop down box if you would like to become a donation site or learn more.


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